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Contest Entries {Template} Empty Contest Entries {Template}

Post  Golden on Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:31 am


As you see, you need to post here your entries. You need to register and then you need some rules.

The rules are:
  • In the title, write "PixelOlymp - [username on Savage]/[name of the entry]"; without quotes and with your options in the [] spaces.

  • In the text, you need to present your entry and describe it (what it is).

  • You can upload it in anyway, except you CAN'T give just the link. The image needs to be on the post.

  • We search if there are similar images on Google so you can't cheat.

  • The image has maximum sizes: 1280x1024, and minimum sizes: 48x48 32x32.

  • Staffs can participate.

  • The customs NEED to be made on Paint.

Enjoy your posting. What a Face

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